The Smudge, the whole Smudge and nothing but The Smudge
Image of Issue #3 - March 2017

Issue #3 - March 2017

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March 2017

Volume 1, Issue #3


The History of My Crippling Student Loan Debt by Cortney Cassidy

Buttons for a More Just Society by Christen Carter

we START we FINISH by William Luz

It's Natural: Thought Map by Nathaniel Russell

Star Signs from Small Spells by Rachel Howe

In The New Year by Pete Gamlen

Are We Mad At Me? by Courtney Tate

In Praise Of: Cookbooks by Liana Jegers

Spot the Difference by Rachal Duggan

Comic by Johnny Sampson

Cover art by Gabriel Alcala

PLUS: See With Your Eyes, Hold With Your Heart: Affirmations mini zine by Adam Zeek

All proceeds from Issue #3 are donated to the National Women's Law Center