The Smudge is a monthly newspaper offering articles, interviews, comics, and advice from a range of unique thinkers and creators. At a time when many of us have been searching for ways to contribute, we decided we'd use the tool we know best: PRINT. We're not activists, we're not editors, but we have a printer and we know how to use it. So, in the spirit of the underground and alternative presses of the 60's and 70's, we hope to offer a unique voice and a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all. And hopefully we can squeeze some good comics in there as well.

January: Planned Parenthood - $1000
February: The ACLU - $865
March: The National Women's Law Center - $880
April: Earth Justice - $850
May: American Psychiatric Association Foundation - $875
June: OutRight Action International for LGBTIQ human rights - $795
July: Equal Justice Initiative - $700
August: Transgender American Veterans Association - $645
September: Houston Food Bank - $700
October: Everytown for Gun Safety - $650
November: American Indian College Fund - $600
December: Southern Poverty Law Center - $700


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