The Smudge, the whole Smudge and nothing but The Smudge
Image of Issue #11 - November 2017

Issue #11 - November 2017

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November 2017

Volume 1, Issue #11


Political Advice from a Honeybee written and illustrated by Margaret Andersen

Convincing Myself to Run for Office: A Primer & A Thought Exercise written and illustrated by Dana Bassett

In Praise Of: The Modest by Liana Jegers

It's Natural by Nathaniel Russell

Star Signs from Small Spells by Rachel Howe

In The New Year by Pete Gamlen

we START we FINISH by William Luz

TV Eye by Moira Quinn

Comic by Adam Higton

Cover art by Rachel Howe

PLUS: Letraset Postcards by Participants of the AIGA Eye on Design conference in Minneapolis, MN

In honor of Thanksgiving, all proceeds from Issue #11 will be donated to American Indian College Fund